Pre-K Starlings – Term 3 Week 8 – Fire and Culture

Dear Parents and Friends,

Greetings! We continued our thematic about fire, exploring the science of fire with the children. Fire is mystical to children. Therefore it is critical that children learn the importance of fire safety and that fire is not something to play with. While we discussed that, we tried an experiment to understand how fire burns. The teachers showed them three lit birthday candles and then covered them with glasses. We observed the candles and shared ideas and thoughts with each other. Such a variety of questions and observations emerged from our young thinkers.

This week, the children have continued to learn about Balinese culture, such as how Balinese people celebrate the full moon ceremony and continued leaning about why we are making Ogoh-ogoh. On Monday morning, the children learnt how to make the offering of “Kwangen”  for the full moon ceremony. Kwangen is made from a banana leaf and has a triangular shape like a cone and the children made their own Kwangen by putting some kinds of flowers into the Kwangen.

We started to make our Ogoh-ogoh by covering the body of our sculpture with recycled paper, including newspaper and magazines. We collected some big leaves for the fire decoration around the Heart of School and inside of the chicken coop. Starling Putih are making a “Starling fire trophy” for their Ogoh-ogoh and Starling Merah’s idea is making a fire child who carries two coconuts to splash onto his body or drink it when he feels hot/burnt/mad like a fire. They named it “Fire Spirit Ogoh-ogoh”. It was really hard to select our final idea because all of the children had unique designs which they showcased in beautiful Ogoh-ogoh pictures. We voted to choose and also tried to combine all of the children’s ideas into our Ogoh-ogoh. We had another vote for the name and the color for our costume in the Ogoh-Ogoh parade. Well done Starlings! You did it!

During Teman-Teman with Grade 3, the Starlings had a lot of chances to join so many kinds of activities which were meticulously prepared by their buddies. They were drawing, coloring, puppet shows, playing with Lego, doll houses, and making an airplane to launch into a hole. The children also visited the bunnies and slid down the pole.

The children worked collaboratively to make their own slide during playground time! Some other students helped our maintenance team to keep the students’ safe.

Stay healthy and don’t forget to wash your hands often with soap!

Warm regards,

The Starlings Team

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