Pre-K Starlings Term 4 Week 2

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your presence yesterday. Sharing your children progress and hearing your feedback was a big pleasure for us.

I am attaching a few links related to Fine Motor Skills activities. I loved how parents also enjoyed playing with the FMS tools!! These activities are not only great for improving pencil grip and early writing but also develop focus and calm the mind.

40 Fine Motor Skills Activities

Last week we focused on Farm Animals and visited the ones living in Green School Campus. We found pigs, bunnies, chickens and counted all of them:

2 chickens, all white,  3 eggs

10 pigs, different sizes but all the same colour

4 bunnies, 1 white, 1 black and white and 2 brown and white.

Bees! Yes, there is a Bee Farm at Green School.

Unfortunately we could not find the cow we know likes to walk around next to the bamboo bridge!

We used paper left overs  to create yellow eggs and egg cases to create chickens ( Thank you Ibu Komang for being so creative!).

Ibu JanJan taught us a game from Brazil called “My neighbour’s hen” ( “A galinha do vizinho”) and students loved it!

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ibu JanJan, Ibu Kadek, Ibu Jessyka and Ibu Komang

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