Pre-K Starlings, Term 4 Week 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

We had another fun week at school. The Starlings explored the new sub thematic unit, which is “Insects”. To start the week, we walked around campus to find and catch some insects with the insect net. We found a praying mantis, butterflies with different colors, and so many grasshoppers. Then we put them in the insect boxes. After exploring the insects, we decided to release them free, back in to nature.

This is when we were doing the “Ants Restaurant” science project.

We also celebrated Full Moon by making the “Kwangen” and doing the ceremony at the school Temple.

In literacy, we began to work on our Animal Alphabet Book by drawing the animal pictures.

We created more insect projects in the afternoon. We made ladybug, dragonfly, and grasshopper using recycled and natural material.



We had an adventurous field trip today together with the Geckos, on Bio Bus. First, the bus stopped at Sampah Jujur and we put the plastic and bottle trash that we brought. Then we went to Bamboo Indah and played in the swimming pool.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Much love,

*The Starlings Team*

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