Pre-K Starlings Term 4 – Week 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

Another wonderful week exploring the thematic about “Animals”. This week we focused on Wild Animals and learned many things about Cheetahs, Elephants, Orangutans, Lions and more.

We have been reading some story books written by Jan Latta. Jan Latta is a wildlife photographer and author of the True to Life Books. She follows wild animals, taking photographs and writing about them in their natural habitats. Jan visited Green School last year and kindly donated her whole book collection to us.

One of our Starlings’ friend made a research about Whales and we have learned that a really good way to keep them happy in nature is to be careful with used cooking oil.

We saw what happens to oil when it gets mixed with water and how hard it is to separate them for recycling during our Science Class:

We saved used cooking oil from home and brought several containers to school.

We measured all containers to see how much we got in total. Milliliter per milliliter. Every time drop mattered and we also learned that if you do not use oil for cooking at home that is great too!

After measuring the used cooking oil we took a 5 liter gallon (yes!) to the Bio Bus office. There we met Pak Camilo, the Head of the Bio Bus Team. Pak Camilo taught us about Bio Fuel and Glycerin. With Glycerin the Bio Bus Team can make Bio Soap and all Starlings got a piece of Bio Soap bar and a liter of Liquid Bio Soap. Thank you so much Pak Camilo and the Bio Bus Team!!!

On Friday we ended our journey into the Bio Fuel and Bio Soap world by drawing Elephants on the floor and washing them. It was so much fun! Elephants love to take baths and we loved helping them (and our classroom) to get clean!

-> Oh, Thank you Ibu Komang for bringing your beautiful baby to school. Iluh is so cute and we loved meeting her!

Just a reminder that school will be closed next week on Thursday and Friday, May 5 and 6 for a PD day for staff and a national holiday.

On Tuesday May 10, the Starlings will play in the mud pit with Pak Brett during Green Studies class at 11:00. Pak Brett wanted you to know that all parents are welcome to join and please pack a swim suit or spare clothes for your child.

Much Love,

Ibu JanJan, Ibu Kadek and Ibu Komang

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