Pre-K Starlings – Week 3 of Term 2 – Earth’s Gifts

“Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the earth is our mother?” ~Chief Seattle

Dear Starlings Families,

Welcome to November! We hope everyone has good vibes for the new month ahead and are filling up your days with positive energy. The Starlings always get tons of energy from various gifts from the earth that we explore each day. Collecting treasures from around the campus is always a favourite activity of the Starlings Darlings. We collect seeds, leaves, flowers, twigs, trunks, fruits, stones, straw, feathers and so much more! The possibilities of what to do with these many fun things are endless. We create works of art, build, sort, classify, use them in imaginative play and the list goes on. We made graphs by classifying and sorting our treasures. Can you imagine that it turned out we were learning mathematics. Who knew that Maths could be so fun! The Starlings also started to explore more about water, the ocean, fire, animals, and plants through stories. 

A gentle reminder that if in your travels, you find treasures at the beach, walking through the forest, or on the way to class, please send it in so that we can all enjoy them and learn more.

Ibu Russlee told Starlings Putih that there was a lobster in the duck pond and that new baby pigs had been born. So, all the Starlings tried to find these wonders on our nature walk. We were on a mission to explore animals as gifts from the earth. Unfortunately, we were unlucky because the lobster wasn’t there anymore! On a brighter note, the Starlings saw 5 piglets and they were so adorable! Did you know that the piglets tried to follow us when the children went back to the classroom? Yes, the piglets followed us all the way to the Grade 5 classroom, so cute!

“Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother.” ~Chief Seattle

Green Studies – The Starlings are always excited when it’s time for Green Studies. It means another adventure with Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera. We usually take a nature walk to find unexpected natural gifts and treasures. Every Green Studies lesson, there is something new and interesting. This week, although Ibu Nicolene was away at an educational conference, the Starlings Putih went to the paddy field next to the mud pit with Ibu Pera. The Starlings Putih collected seeds, leaves, cherries, tomatoes, tamarinds and even a pineapple! See? There is always something unexpected. How lucky we are!

While in Starlings Merah, Ibu Pera and the children took some baby plants from an area close to the HOS. They replanted the baby plants in our upper garden. We will have to take good care of them so we can watch them grow.

Cooking Class – The Starlings have learned about so many seeds in this class. Last week, we explored pumpkin seeds. We didn’t want to waste the pumpkin, so the teachers asked the children what they wanted to make with the pumpkin. Did they want to make soup, cake, or muffins?  All the children said that they wanted to make muffins so we did! Some of our muffins didn’t look so good, but the taste… they were delicious.

Teman-teman – This week, Starlings Merah and Putih got to have Teman-teman together. They drew plants and anything else that they could find in our upper garden. We found corn, pineapple, basil, mint, lemongrass and quite a few plants we couldn’t name. We also found aphids, grasshoppers and snails.

Bahasa and Budaya Indonesia – We are using more Bahasa Indonesia in circle times, cooking class, story times and daily conversation to increase our Bahasa Indonesia vocabulary and our understanding of Indonesian culture (budaya). The Starlings learned about warna (colors) and binatang/hewan (animals) through games and songs. The students also started practicing for the Indonesian Assembly. In Budaya, the Starlings explored more about the full moon (that turned out to be learning about science too!) and why the Balinese people participate in full moon ceremonies. We learnt this so that we would have a better understanding of the ceremony that we will participate in the next week.

Yoga – Sonny, a friend from Kindy, very kindly shared new yoga cards with Ibu Cherry. Ibu Cherry used them to play a game during our yoga class. It was super interesting because the cards were in Bahasa Indonesia, so we also learned the Bahasa names of the poses. There were bunga (flower), unta (camel), telpon (telephone), naga (dragon) and many more. Thank you Sonny!

In Starlings Merah, the children not only played with the cards but also make a long tunnel by doing downward facing dog in a line. Ibu Cherry called it a “Birthday Tunnel”, for celebrating the students who had a birthday recently. This week, we wished River and Chloe a very happy birthday as they slid under our tunnel.

P.W. – In P.W., we hopped, ran, walked, zigzagged, and crawled until we were all very hot and sweaty! It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed a long drink of cool water at the end.

Birthday Celebrations – Happy Birthday Chloe and Wes! Thank you so much for sharing birthday treats with us. We wish you a year of wonderful discoveries and may your days always bring you lots of fun and happiness.

Mud Kitchen – We had a beautiful collaboration with IHub and ProjectHub that made one of our dream comes true….a mud kitchen! Big gratitude to the carpenters team and everyone at Green School for their hard work. As the EY has presented in the Assembly, we still need some kitchen equipment for playing. If you have any kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc. that you don’t use anymore, we would be happy to accept donations.

Diary Dates

November 12 – Full Moon Ceremony – Please pack your child Balinese ceremony clothes (sarong and sash)

November 15 – BambooPalooza – early dismissal 2:00 pm

November 27 – Early Years Indonesian Assembly 9:00 am

December 7 – Saraswati Day – Saturday morning

December 11-12 – Lower School Learning Showcase

December 18 – Potluck Breakfast 8:15-9:30 am

December 19 – Last day of Term 2 – early dismissal

Thank you so much everyone! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Best wishes,

The Starlings Team

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