Preparing and ready for Ogoh Ogoh

Amidst the heat and explosion of all types of lifeforms including bacteria and virus, we had a great time last week creating our Ogoh Ogoh. We have learned so much in the process: think and present our creative design, decide in the group by merging some ideas, build with the carpenters the structure, add paper mache, give them color, write about their qualities, give them a name and practice a chanting for the Parade! We can’t wait until tomorrow, please come, walk with us and feel proud of our work together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parents are invited to join the assembly at 1 pm at Sankep and then walk with their children Ogoh Ogoh during the Parade. Kids should come with a white, black or red top, and a sarung and sash at the bottom. We recommend comfortable walking sneakers for the long walk. Parents can also wear sarung at the bottom.

We have been deepening our critical thinking and problem-solving using drawings, manipulatives and solving mathematical equations.

Some of the kids might have come home empowered to use their persuasive language skills gained during the past weeks. We have been learning to identify facts and opinions from texts and writing our own persuasive letters to parents.

Putih had an interesting Teman Teman visit from grade 8 students who shared their Bahasa Indonesia stories with them.

We also continue to practice mindful exercise and relaxation. Team building and friendship skills continue to be our main focus.

And this is how some of our students were feeling Friday with the low rate of students in the class. They wrote “get well” messages to their friends in their morning board.

Remember there will be no school from March 6-8. We will see you back Monday, March 11. Hoping you all stay healthy and enjoy your Nyepi Holidays!


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