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Green School Educator Course 23-29 November 2015

“I enjoyed it a lot, I learnt more and I was even happier than I am”

What a review and what a fantastic week it was: The Green School Educator Course. This course is a weeklong Professional Development residency focusing on our best practice and Education for Sustainability at Green School. This time the course was created around the theme ‘Wall-less-ness’. Most important this week was the focus on building community and breaking down walls between the teachers & administrators who came from all over the world to visit Green School. We had a very diverse group of teachers from Brasil, China, Norway, Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Spain, Australia, India, Canada, USA, Holland and the United Arab Emirates.

During the week the focus was to establish a common culture and language as the essence of Green School teaching and learning. All teachers/administrators followed different workshops and classes from our teachers to meet, fine- tune and reflect on what it is really like to have a wall-less classroom of students from all around the world at every conceivable level of readiness.

The participants explored the meaning of ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ as they relate to education, community and enterprise. They visited the Kul Kul Farm for a gardening workshop, went on the Subak Walk with Green Camp and climbed the coconut trees and they visited Green Village where our Middle School students presented their self-made smoothies with the Green Studies Course: ‘What’s in a smoothie’ with the help of Ibu Jackie.

The teachers gained experience with various methodologies and tools for how to infuse sustainability concepts across all subjects and how to effectively build a project-based project and sustain it. They learnt from the students of the Kul Kul Connection how to integrate and collaborate with the local community in a meaningful way and to finish the week Pak Putu Witsen and his team gave them the Mepantigan Mud experience. It was a great week and we are looking forward to the next edition from 22-28 February 2016!

Ibu Sanne


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