Project Carbon Zero

A Project To Help Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

What is Project Carbon Zero? 

Carbon Zero is a Green School initiative to monitor our total carbon footprint as a community. Over the last year, our community has worked hard to improve our sustainability measures and outcomes, through a Sustainability Audit and prioritized actions. To support you in your journey to improve your carbon footprint, Project Carbon Zero is launched for the Green School parents community. The program will initially track our commuting footprint and community participation in mitigation through recycling of materials, cooking oil and donation to green projects.

How do I participate in Project Carbon Zero?

  1. Get your Carbon Zero sticker from Green Project Hub, just across the Green School kitchen.

  1. Stick it on your vehicles. The sticker functions as a measurement of your carbon footprint, Green School Identity and be your fast entrance pass to Green School.

  2. Log in to the Carbon Zero Website and follow the steps as below:

  3. Click this link:

  4. Enter your username – use your personal email that used for school admission. Password is carbonzero2018 

  5. After login, submit your profile data (Name, Email, Phone Number, Vehicle License Number)

P.S. You can edit your username and password later. If you’ve had an account before you receive this email, please use the username and password that we made for you above, because our system has been reset.

If you are teacher or staff at Green School Bali, please use your Green School account that we already informed last time.

Have More Questions or Can’t Login on the Website? Please stop by at Green Project Hub (across Green School kitchen) Monday to Friday, from 8.15 AM – 5 PM, if you have further questions or can’t access the carbon zero website.

Or come by to Green School Expo on Friday, August 24, 2018 at 08.15 AM, in the Sangkep and ask directly to our Carbon Zero Team.

Thank you for being the Carbon Zero hero!

Carbon Zero Team


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