• Kris Laroche

Enthusiasm-led learning

Updated: May 5

Happy May, everyone. The force is already with you. It is you.

Some tidbits for today. You will notice our Specialists are now posting to Seesaw. Please support your child in not feeling obligated or overwhelmed to do all tasks at once. Specialists will only be posting ONE task each week, which does add up, however, they are all optional. You will still receive the weekly menu from each Specialist, outside of Seesaw, as well.

What lights your child up? Follow that spark. That is a compass heading for some enthusiasm-led learning. The root of the word 'enthusiasm' is "the god within"...let this inner directive have some say with this wonderful array of activities. Let your child lead and support her in listening to the voice inside that is full of wonder and curiosity.

Green Studies, Wellbeing, Science, Art, Drama, PW, and Music. Pick and choose and enjoy!


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