• Kris Laroche

PS Update Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back to Green School Everywhere, Term 4 to all of you Primary families. 

A huge loving welcome back to Term 4 from the entire Primary Team. I am writing to you from a cozy little house in the woods and right next to some mountains in the Northwestern American state of Montana, and missing being with all of you in Bali very much. The rest of our leadership team has remained on island.  It was exciting to hear that many of you also chose to stay in Bali and it sounds like there is some wonderful solidarity for you all. Regardless of where you are in the world, please know that now, more than ever, we are in this together and we are eager to stay as connected as possible with all of you.

This next couple of months will allow us the opportunity to re-create our community with more intentionality and purpose than ever. Let's finish this year strong.  Please reach out to any of the Primary Leadership Team or our wonderful Counselor, Ibu Sharon, if you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or isolated. While we know there will be some growing pains with this new way of learning together, we are hoping to make this all as painless as possible. We are in awe of our teachers who worked many hours over the break to be prepared for the learning adventure ahead. It won't be perfect, this wasn't exactly what anyone signed up for, yet here we are and here we go, with hearts full and minds open. 

In addition to this email with our attached Lower School version of Green School Everywhere, please take some time to read the GSEC community email that contains the "Guidebook" to how you will be able to utilize the new 'Green School Everywhere' website. 

We are eager to share the improvements we have made to our programming, thanks to feedback from families and teachers. The main changes include a switch to Zoom instead of Google Hangouts and also all grades using Seesaw. If you are not yet familiar with these systems, please spend a little time familiarizing yourself with them as soon as possible.

For those classes new to Seesaw, we will be gently rolling out their implementation this week and there will be information coming to you from your classroom teachers. For other grades that have been successfully engaging with Seesaw, keep it up! We hope you enjoy the new features of the upgraded platform. Please remember the virtual Zoom class meetings are not meant to introduce new content and are designed for the purpose of building connections and relationships, answering questions, having some fun together, etc. 

We hope you love the new Green School Everywhere website launching soon. It ought to be  easy to navigate and a helpful tool which will  simplify communications for everyone. Thank you for your ongoing flexibility, enthusiasm and support. Our gratitude for you is immense and we believe this Term is going to be something special.  We look forward to connecting with you all soon and hope that you are settled wherever you are, ready to dive into our final Term of this school year.  With love and appreciation, Ibu Kris, Pak Thabo, Ibu Rachael and Ibu Chandra Also remember this: School-wide Comms and Fact Sheets about our move to distance learning & closing dates etc (this changes every week) https://blog.greenschool.org/covid-19-updates/ passcode GSimpact2020

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