• Kris Laroche

PS Update (Weekly April 27-)

Dear Primary families:

Here we are starting into Week four of learning at home. We trust you are finding your flow and, while there will always be moments that challenge, you are not alone. We are here to support you so please let us know how we can help.

Here is the Primary School Survey. We are committed to continuous improvement and we need your words of wisdom to help us do this. Please take 5 minutes to share your thoughts.

Extra Zoom Sessions! Finally, we have some additional offerings to ensure children all over the world can connect with our amazing educators. Please try these out this week and keep checking back, as we plan to add more fun classes for your kids.

Coffee Talks on Thursday at 9:30am and 2:30 pm Bali time for Lower School.

930am Thursdays

Meeting ID: 965 7791 2386  Password: LoveCoffee

2:30pm Thursdays Meeting ID: 943 1422 3142   Password: LoveCoffee

Check out the Bridge program this week. Ibu Sharon, our Primary Counselor, will be running a ‘Positive Psychology’ session and Marrisa Turner, parent and Therapist, will be running a ‘Homeschooling during the Pandemic’ session. this week via The Bridge website. We highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to help yourself and your child.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. Pak Andy recently expressed his gratitude for parents saying, we have never been more together for the kids than we are now.

We couldn't agree more.

With gratitude,

Ibu Kris, Ibu Rachael, Ibu Chandra and Pak Thabo (who is WELL again!)

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