Quest Day 3!

Goodness me! The Quests keep blowing me away! Our 8th graders are so poised, mature, and overall, inspiring! Please do take the time to attend today and tomorrow. Today's line-up is below with the link to Live Youtube:

Day 3 Thursday 11th June

19. Noor Siemonsma: The Perfect Image

20. Clementina Compostella-Altenburg: Scholars For Change

21. Rafa (I Putu Gd. Rafa Risnada Saputra): The Building Blocks Of Bali

22. Sachi Isla-May Cunningham: Catastrophic Bushfires: a call to action

23. Made (I Made Artayasa): Conserving the Tropics

24. Lita Harland-Khan: Break The Silence (sensitive content: younger children)

25. Emile Hanberg: A Quest Help For Self Help

26. Della McAllister: Shifting the Stereotype

27. Jordan Pratama: A Lesson From The Past

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