Quest Day 4!

Last day! Cannot believe it! Here is the link:

And here is the run-down - GO Grade 8!!!

Day 4 Friday June 12th

28. Harper Penrose: Who Do You Think You Are?

29. Felipe Dopazo Gonzalez: Turning Broken Skateboards Into Recycled Furniture

30. Sophia Butler: The Power of a Quiet Voice

31. Gede Indra Pratama: Get On Board

32. Stella Klim: Surfers For Diversity

33. Isaac Wheeler: Between Love and Hate: Understanding The Swastika

34. Esme Azario: There’s Power in Empathy

35. Roman Dallafior: Skatepark of the Future

36. Elliott Laroche: A Small Move for a Large Planet

37. Maria Teresa Galtarossa: A Children’s Story

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