Ready for the 2nd semester! Week 1

Dear parents,
I hope you had a great holiday, filled with sweet and memorable moments, well deserved rest and lots of relaxation. We wish you all a Happy New Year for 2019.
We were so happy to see the kids arrive last week back for another semester on this exciting Green School adventure. We would like to welcome our five new friends in Grade 4 and can’t wait to get to know them over the next few weeks.
We started the week by sharing about our awesome holidays. Students have drawn and written about their experiences with passion and so much happiness, as well as lots of smiles. Then, we made short recordings to explain and share about our drawings. We had so much fun watching the videos together!
This week we began a third cycle of school including a new thematic: “Gaïa (Earth) – diversity and connection.” As a part of this new thematic we’ve started learning about and designing Ogoh-Ogoh. Ogoh-Ogoh are amazing legendary and mythological creatures, and I am sure you are starting to see them around Bali. They are statues built for the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi day in Bali.
In Bahasa Indonesia, our Language Exchange Program where we visit our friends at a local school is still happening this semester.  It will take place every Wednesday morning. Our last activity was focused on collaborative and creative art to express our dream holiday. Our students were so happy to see their Indonesian friends after a long break! It’s amazing the progress that has made since the beginning of the year in Bahasa Indonesia. They are improving so fast and are already so comfortable communicating.
In Literacy, we are beginning to work on the theme of debate and arguing. We look forward to lots of exciting learning and will be working towards a main goal of holding a debate between Grade 4 Putih and Grade 4 Merah. Along side this, we have continued our exploration of grammar, spelling and vocabulary particularly through playing games. In a very busy week we have also begun a guided reading program designed to allow our learners the chance to develop their reading comprehension skills.
In Maths, we have done a review of mathematical topics discussed since the beginning of the year. The children were so proud to share all the knowledge they have built! Following on from this, we revisited some of our mental maths and multiplication skills. Finally, we moved on to focus on division.  This is obviously a very broad and complex mathematical topic, but we have seen some great learning this week.  It was also lots of fun beginning this unit by sharing apples with our friends!
We wish you a very good weekend.
Best Regards,
Grade 4 Team

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