Recycle and reuse

Hi all,

The launch period has launched us into our core groups in grade 3. The two core groups are Grade 3 Merah and Grade 3 Putih. We will be mainly working within these core groups during proficiency and some of the specialist times but whole Grade three will keep working together  during projects and thematic-units. Ibu Zabrina, Ibu Yulie and Ibu Desy are focusing more to G3 putih and Ibu Tri, Pak Jukka and Ibu Wida to G3 Merah.

It has been a busy week and a half in grade 3. The big question of our thematic unit is “How can I leave a positive print in Bali”. Our theme started with a blank wooden board.

After designing the work can begin

Eventually these wooden boards turned into a miniature Bali,

with 3D volcanos and places of interest. The three R’s: reduce, reuses and recycle are strongly included in our theme. Our theme also took us to Kembali to learn how many different ways they recycle their trash. Through Kembali’s example we organised sorting stations to our classes to recycle more efficiently.

To reuse, we had to think a new way to use something recycled. We made cars out of cans, drums out of buckets, rockets out of bottles and many more.

Our numeracy has been understanding place and number value with games and different activities. In literacy we are exploring the parts of speech and practising our reading, especially comprehension skills.

This upcoming week Grade three will host the Primary assembly Tuesday morning. You are more than welcomed to join as at the Sankep at 8:30 Tuesday morning.

Lets have a fun and educational week,

G3 team


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