Reminders for tomorrow (Friday, November 6th)

Good afternoon everyone,

A few gentle reminders for tomorrow:

1. We will be participating in Mepantigan (mud pit wrestling) with Putu Witsen from 9:35-10:25am tomorrow. Please send your child to school with a bathing suit and towel so they may participate. A few of them today said they do not want to do it and that is okay but please try and encourage them to atleast try experiencing this amazing opportunity only afforded to them here at Green School in Bali. Also, parents may come and watch but please do try and stay towards the back to try and encourage more participation from all students.

2. Grade 1 will be presenting a play during the Assembly at 2:30pm tomorrow. They have worked so hard this week to create this play on their own and are very excited to present it to the school tomorrow. Costumes and all! Be sure not to miss this as they have done an amazing job and we are all incredibly proud of each of them. They are first on the list to present at the assembly so be sure to get there before the 2:30pm start.

Thank you and see you all tomorrow!

Ibu Amanda


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