Reminders: ‘Stepping Up to Grade 1’ upcoming events!

Dear Kindy Parents,

It is that time of year where Kindy students are wrapping up their final year in Early Years and getting ready to transition to Grade 1 and Primary School. The ‘Stepping Up to Grade 1’ morning transition for students is designed to give the children a chance to see and explore their new environment, meet the Grade 1 teachers, and see what life is like in the “big school”. The parent workshop is designed to help make your transition into the Grade 1 and Primary community calm and happy too! The ‘Stepping Up to Grade 1’ session will give you a beginning sense of what Grade 1 holds in store for your son/daughter and for you as well. Below are reminders of the ‘Stepping Up to Grade 1’ event dates. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Ibu Amanda

Date: Time: Location: Event: Tuesday, May 30th 3:15-3:45pm Grade 1A ‘Stepping Up to Grade 1’ parent workshop Friday, June 2nd 11:00-12:30am Grade 1A ‘Stepping Up to Grade 1’ Kindy students transition morning


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