words by Ibu Suci Ratri, Head of Early Years

It has been a great year for the Early Years this year. Children enjoy coming to school to meet their friends and teachers. They enjoy playing in the playground and love the activities. This can not be separated from wonderful people who do their responsibility with grateful hearts everyday in the Early Years. There are people who keep the area clean and beautiful, people who maintain the safety of our playground area and equipment, people who bring snack and lunch and people who keep the grass and the plants green and healthy.

We have Ibu Murdani. Ibu Mur is our beloved housekeeper, someone who keeps Early Years area clean and tidy. She also cleans our toilet with smile and sometimes help children pick up the berries ☺ Terima kasih, bu!

Pak Sudjana and Bli Sudira. These bapak-bapak are helpful carpenters who are responsible for maintaining the safety of the playground area and equipment. We ask them for help when we see something is broken or need to be fixed. They are also amazing artists who help Early Years kids decorating the area when we have events or celebration. They patiently open and close the pirate ship’s cover everyday to keep it dry.

A young bapak, our water man, plays with the water everyday. Bli Suwacana is his name. He waters the grass, ground and plants to keep them green and healthy. He does this every morning and afternoon. Terima kasih ya, bli!

Pak satpam (security). The Early Years is very grateful having one of our security members in the Early Years area. Pak satpam helps secure the place and monitoring people who come and go to and from the area. They also sometimes play with us.

Last but not least, there are the Ibu-Ibu dapur (kitchen staff).  They patiently bring fruit and lunch to Early Years. They also make sure that the food is enough for everybody. Terima kasih, bu!

The Early Years team are very grateful and would like to say thank you to have them as part of our community. The people who do their responsibilities and being part of creating the magic in Early Years. Terima kasih semua!

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