RICE CYCLE EXPERIENCE with Kul Kul Connection

Kul Kul Connection is thrilled to announce our next rice cycle course which is scheduled to start by the end of November. Inspired by John Hardy’s TED talk, this course is intended to allow students to not just learn about the rice cycle, but also to live the rice cycle.

This course will provide you a wide-range of experiences and benefits, including:

  1. Receive academic credit

  2. Learn about an organic rice planting method called SRI (System of Rice Intensification)

  3. Experience the rice cycle with a local master

  4. Increase knowledge about land ecology

  5. Enjoy learning in a beautiful location with the KKC squad and some local students.

  6. Get tanned, muddy, and healthy

  7. Cook your own organic food at the end of cycle

  8. Be a leader of future organic farming

The course will entail 9 meetings, lasting about 4 months starting end Nov 2016 to Mar 2017. Each meeting will be around 1.5 hours with a specific agenda. You only need a commitment to be on-time in the morning and our Bio Bus will help us to get to the rice field. The schedules, specific activities, and pictures of our previous rice planting are available below.

Time Estimation: November 2016 – March 2017 NO       ACTIVITIES                    DATE             TIME                  Location     1Seed and soil preparation Sat, Nov 268.00-9.30amRice Field 2Rice PlantingFri, Dec 98.00-9.30amRice Field 3Nutrient Management Fri, Dec 168.00-9.30amRice Field 4Pest Management Fri, Jan 138.00-9.30amRice Field 5Weed Management Fri, Jan 278.00-9.30amRice Field 6Nutrient Management (2)Fri, Feb 108.00-9.30amRice Field 7Pest Management (2)Fri, Feb 248.00-9.30amRice Field 8Biukukung

a ceremony for paddy’s pregnancy       TBC8.00-9.30amRice Field 9Harvesting Time March8.00-10.00amRice Field

Please contact Giyan Adnya Antari at giyan.antari@greenschool.org to ask questions or express your interest.

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