Rise for Climate

Performance performance performance! This week Green Generation has been creating and crafting a script, movement, blocking, and characters. Forests, indigenous peoples, and interconnectedness are themes woven into every aspect of the short, interactive piece we envision. As a delegation, we not only represent Green School at the COP24, but also Indonesia. And how, we asked, could we share our message without highlighting the tremendous issues centered around forests and their protectors that are so prevalent in the country we  live in. In past performances created and shared by Green Gen the tone has been grave, and rightly so, but this year we want to recognize the hope and inspiration inherent in the solving of these issues. To convey a message that bypasses fear in favor of love is our goal. Our script is in its final stages, featuring a spoken word narrative crafted from the voices of Green Gen students and the larger Green School community.

On November 23rd, at our Rise for Climate event, there will be a dinner, performance, and silent auction held in the Green School Sangkep to raise funds for the COP team to complete their mission in Poland. If you would like to support the youth activists of Green Gen while also being treated to a sneak peak performance, bidding on some phenomenal student photography, and eating yummy food, purchase your tickets for Rp200K after school at our stand (where you might also pick up a t-shirt or two!). This event is in collaboration with KKC, Greenpeace, and Green Generation Junior. Other things to see at the Rise for Climate event include a photo exhibition, videos, an art installation, as well as our performance, silent auction and dinner. Rise for Climate! Standing on the sidelines is no longer an option.

To give you a taste of the nature of our show, here are a few poems, written and submitted for our script:

Forest Man

A long lost sight of the father bird

Above the tall jungle trees

His wings are made of tumultuous air

In his wake flies the breeze

Above great thermals of natural springs

The glider seeds fly

They are the free children of the twirling old vines

And where they land they reach for the sky

The ancient forest man, with his orange fur

Says hello to us on the forest floor

He throws us a fruit, with a call and a smile

We’re his long lost brothers, who’ve been gone for a while

It is no peaceful paradise however it may seem

Life there is a struggle for sure.

But once a creature leaves their body behind

They’re given back to the jungle once more.

Almost There

As she walks

The wind kisses her skin

Almost there it whispers

As the dawn fades

The sun warms her spirit

Almost there it promises

As some creatures prepare to sleep and others awaken

The birds welcome her presence

Almost there they sing

As the trail steepens

The earth supports her steps

Almost there it swears

And she is

In the distance she sees

The old familiar form

Of a tree too big to wrap her arms fully around

A tree just big enough to hold all of her prayers

To remind her what awe feels like

To remind her that she is small

But able

And that only love will keep her, and the tree, firmly rooted


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