Save the Dates

Dear parents,

We are informing you in advance some important dates regarding to your child, the grade 5 students for their end of year events. Please save the following dates to avoid you and your child missing any of these events.

  1. Drama Production – Thursday, 1st March

  2. Student Led Conferences – Friday, 9th March

  3. Ogoh Ogoh Parade, regarding to Nyepi Day (Balinese New Year) – Thursday, 15th March

  4. Sustainable Solutions Week – 16th – 20th April

  5. Grade 5 Footprints Presentation. A culminating projects to mark the completion of an important chapter of Green School students’ journey in primary. – Thursday, May 24th (08:30am-12: 20pm)

  6. Graduation Day Out – TBD

  7. Graduation Meal – TBD

  8. Transition to Year 6 Morning & Digital Citizenship Workshop with Ibu Nicola – Monday 11th June

Thank you

Grade 5A Team


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