Science Showcase and Experiments

Dear Parents,

Greetings! We had a fabulous morning with Pak Brett during Green Studies. The students explored the Green Camp area as well as fields to search for butterflies and other creatures using special nets. The Starlings worked cooperatively in pairs to observe the wildlife and to make sure that all living things remained safe and unharmed. It was a magical experience and I am sharing many photos because what is not to love about children with butterfly nets!

This afternoon was the Science Showcase in lieu of an Assembly. Several High School students came down to our Early Years Learning Neighbourhood to lead science experiments. The Starlings were very engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the activities, which included magic mud and squeezing eggs. Many thanks to Pak Dan for organising this event. It is always amazing to see our students learning from other older students.

We also celebrated Ryumi’s 5th Birthday today. Happy birthday Ryumi!

Ibu Komang prepared many recycled projects for the children to create this week. We are very grateful for her creativity and dedication. The children loved making the BioBus from milk cartons and other mixed materials. They also created bees by reusing plastic. Another afternoon, the students refined their fine motor skills by cutting out diamonds to make kites. A new style of painting was explored by cutting toilet paper rolls and then spinning the brush around for a firework effect.

In Cooking Class, children ripped broccoli and oyster mushrooms to prepare the vegetables for omelettes.

The Starlings continued the Thematic Unit by learning about the letters R, S, T, and U. Next week will be the final week of this theme as we explore the last 5 letters of the uppercase alphabet, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

Please note these important dates:

Wednesday, May 24, at 9:00 is our bi-annual Early Years Indonesian Assembly.

Tuesday, June 6, will be a day of Gratitude at Green School and our Early Years Classroom Ambassadors are organising the final Potluck Breakfast for this date. It will start at 8:15 and finish around 9:30, at the playground area of Pre-K Starlings.

Best wishes,

Starlings Team

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