Sean Borland “How to be a Magician” Workshops

The magician who came last year Sean Borland is back and will be visiting classrooms for workshops next Friday, March 11 2016

Please be advise that Sean allows you to take pictures but as a lot of his material is original he would rather not be filmed. You can share pictures etc freely on social media.

Here are the timetable:P108:45 – 09:25Parents @ Level 2 Warung (TBC)P209:35 – 10:25Grade 5a+b @ grade 5 classroomBREAK10:25 – 10:45P310:45 – 11:40Grade 6 @ SangkepP411:40 – 12:35Grade 7 +8 @ SangkepLUNCH12:35- 01:15P501:15 – 02:10HS @ HS classroom TBCP602:30Assembly – 20 min performance


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