Second to last week (Term 4)


Friends and parents we are in our final days of school. In addition to our “normal” schedule of classes this week, students participated in World Ocean Day activities this week that included making a personal pledge to help keep our oceans clean and free of plastic waste, as well as designing and painting a surfboard with their own interpretation of what World Ocean Day means to them. We wrapped up math this week with a day of our favorite math games and a recap of the various concepts that we’ve learned throughout the year. In literacy, we are attempting to tackle our final class novel Wish in which a young girl from a broken home, and a street dog find an unlikely companionship during an especially tough time. Finally, we finished our week out with a wonderful class party to Cora’s house where students swam, played, and relaxed during these last few nice moments of fifth grade.

This next week will surely fly by. On Monday we will be visiting some middle school classes, and preparing for our transition to middle school! On Tuesday morning (during assembly) we will have our official 5th grade graduation ceremony, with poem readings and presentation of mini-graduation certificates. On Wednesday we will be attending the middle school assembly after lunch, and then joining them for the classes for the remainder of the day. Finally, Thursday will be a short day with an all school assembly at 10:30 and then ending the day at 11AM. Thank you for such a great year, and we are all looking forward to next week’s celebrations!

Surfboard art for World Ocean Day-

Arts, crafts, and a pool party to finish the year off right!-


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