Second Week of Term 1

We have had an amazing second week of school filled with Indonesian culture. Indonesia celebrated Independence Day on Friday which is a national holiday. The Starlings enjoyed making Indonesian flags and learning about the colours that comprise the flag, red and white. They also painted red white love heart to decorated our classroom. We had a lot of fun playing traditional Indonesian games on the field with Pak Garret and Pak Putu and The starlings had a challenge playing tug a war with the teachers.

The Starlings have been practising counting in sequential order each day during Morning Circle as we count how many children are here today. The students also attempt counting with one-to-one correspondence by counting the dots on the dice during the Starling Helper Game. Our current thematic lesson is “My Body and My Five Senses”. This week, we explored “Sight”. During a nature walk, the Starlings searched the campus looking for scented plants and any other scents we could find. The children made nature bracelets by wrapping a piece of masking tape around their wrists with the sticky part facing outwards. The students were encouraged to find objects from nature on the ground to attach to their bracelets. Some of these objects included flowers, leaves, feathers and grass. The starlings also enjoyed making binocular project, drew eyes and an observational drawing.

We had some of our specialist this week. Pak Brett our Green studies and music teacher came meet us on Wednesday and Thursday morning. He explained us about some kinds of leaves and we walked around the school to find plants and trees that grow in Green School. The starling also excited playing Freeze Dance in Music Class. In Tuesday morning The starling got surprise met their yoga teacher that we introduced them to Ibu Cherry aka Ibu Russlee. Their Starling teacher also their yoga teacher.

Just a reminder that school will be closed next week, Wednesday 22nd, in observance of an Indonesian national holiday. Thank you for your attention and support. We are looking forward to having another amazing week.

Happy Holiday!

The Starlings Team


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