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Dear Parents,

Our Pre-K Starlings have graduated to Kindergarten! We couldn’t be more proud of our Starling Darlings. Although it is always difficult to say farewell to our friends, we take comfort in the fact that we have friends spread out all over the world and that’s why one of our favourite songs to sing at Circle Time is “Children of the World”. We had such an incredible year and we feel so blessed to have shared this learning journey with our wonderful parent community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this adventure. We had a new student visit our classroom this week and the way that the children opened up their hearts with excitement and love to welcome this student reaffirmed how proud we are of them. For our children who are moving on to new places and new adventures, we will forever hold you in our love hearts and truly hope that you come back to visit or come back to Green School again. For those families who are returning to Green School, we look forward to seeing you back on campus in August for a new adventure in Kindergarten. We don’t have enough words to express our gratitude for you and the love that we have for your children. Have an absolutely wonderful holiday!

Rizal is an amazing musician from Java. He creates his own unique bamboo instruments and has such a lively personality. We invited our neighbours from Geckos and Kindy to join us for this wonderful concert on Tuesday morning along with Ibu Amanda’s Grade 1 Class. It was an epic dance party!

It was a magical week for Mystery Guests. Ibu Lucy came on Wednesday morning to lead a Cooking Class. The students smashed biscuits and mixed together cocoa powder, coconut and raisins to create a delicious treat. Many thanks to Ibu Lucy for making our bellies more happy.

Our final Mystery Guests of the year were Madelief, Ibu Linda and Pak Erik. They have been a part of our Pre-K family for two years and they shared special goodbye gifts for all of the children, teachers and also for the Kindy classrooms next year. Thank you very much and we will miss you all!

Ibu Komang introduced us to her favourite childhood game of marbles. We also played “Bebek Bebek, Angsa” which is a twist on the traditional game of “Duck Duck Goose”.

Best wishes,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Ria, Ibu Komang and Ibu Pegy

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