Selamat Datang di Green School High School!

Welcome back High School Families! Today was a great day filled with cultural appreciation activities as the high school students led the younger students in some classic Indonesian Independence Day festivities. Merdeka!

The past two days of orientation has been wonderful. We are getting to know your children and they are getting to know us. This process, as all good relationships do, takes time but through it we are able to better serve their needs and understand the course selections that they will make.

Students have started selecting their courses and they can all show you how to access our course selection website tonight. (

To browse the selections further, please click the following link to read all module descriptions in detail.

Green School High School Block One Modules

Also, stay tuned as tomorrow we will begin to work with your children on their Educational Goal sheets which allow them to reflect on what they would like to learn this year and beyond. We will send more information on that tomorrow, but tomorrow evening they should bring these documents home to you for a discussion as well.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the wonderful year ahead!

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