Selamat datang di Middle School kelas Bahasa Indonesia

We have had a great week of starting Bahasa Indonesia class in the middle school this year. We have 30-minute classes 4 times a week and we have 7 Bahasa groups in total:

Matahari Group with Ibu Ida learned how to say basic greetings and introductions, thank you and good byes. They will have a mini quiz and practice what they have learned with the local staff at school next week.

Cendrawasih group with Ibu Merli reviewed greetings and introductions and learned how to ask for permission in Indonesian using “Bisa saya…?”.

Jalak Bali group with Ibu Ayu Rosita learned new vocabulary words to express feelings and how to use them in simple conversations.

Merak group with Pak Aga learned about types of music instruments and vocabulary on how to play them in Indonesian. They discussed about what type of music instruments they play or want to play.

Kasuari group with Ibu Eka learned started with the unit “Pemanasan Global” (Global Warming) and how to express cause and effect. They watched a video about the causes of global warming and will continue watching and have a discussion about it next week.

Komodo group with Ibu Berlyn started the unit “Apa Kabar Indonesia?” by reading news about an Indonesian athlete winning a gold medal in the Olympic games Rio and had a discussion about it.

Naga group with Ibu Dian learned about writing paragraphs and punctuation. Next week they will start a new topic and have a discussion about the main idea of “Sekolah Rimba”.


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