Semester Two Begins

Dear Parents,

We warmly welcome you to Term 3 / Semester 2. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces as well as new faces this week at school. Our Pre-K Starlings Class has grown and it has been great to see the new children integrating with the returning students.

Our new thematic unit is entitled “Magical Creatures” and each week we will focus on a different element. This week we explored magical creatures that can be found in the air, such as fairies and unicorns. We created fairy wands from recycled materials and enjoyed painting a large unicorn in our classroom. The teachers and students shared stories and songs about fairies and unicorns as well. Next week will focus on the element earth.

This month, we have a special Art Class with Ibu Chloe every Tuesday. She introduced a Chinese New Year collaborative project and showed us a video of the Chinese dragon dance. Each student created scales for a large-scale dragon using a wide range of materials. Our neighbors from Pre-K Geckos and Kindergarten also created scales and these were put together to make the dragon. Pictured below is our contribution to the dragon.

Ibu Lucy was our first Mystery Guest of the year. She surprised us with a large smiley face that she created and shared a fun song about sharing your smile. Ibu Lucy then asked each student to share something that makes them smile. Many thanks Ibu Lucy! We love to have a Mystery Guest each week so please contact Ibu Russlee if you would like to schedule a visit. The best times for us are Monday-Thursday at 9:00 am.

Yesterday we celebrated the full moon by creating kwangen, cone-shaped flower offerings and having a ceremony at the temple on campus.

Other highlights this week included making banana oatmeal vanilla muffins in our weekly Cooking Class. Today we planted long green bean seeds with Pak Brett in Green Studies Class in front of the Kindergarten classroom in our shared garden. Students also experienced Mindfulness Class, Yoga Class, P.E. Class, Music Class and BambaJam Class.

A couple dates to put in your calendars:

Saturday, January 21 = Saraswati Day which is the celebration of the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Music, Arts, Wisdom and Learning. There will be a ceremony at 9:00 am at the temple on campus, near the Heart of School. We hope to see you there.

Wednesday, January 25 = Yearbook photos for individual head shots as well as our class photo.

Thank you for a beautiful first week of school of 2017. Enjoy your weekend and see you soon.

Best wishes,

*Ibu Russlee *Ibu Ria *Ibu Komang


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