Seniors prepare to finish strong with Green Stone

Grade 12 students shared one of our most invigorating moments yet this term last Thursday in a Green Stone

Four women and four men each sat with 12 seniors in turn who briefed them on their respective Green Stones in 3-5 minutes. The adults then asked questions, offered suggestions, and discussed possibilities. Imagine ‘speed dating’ but with substance.

“Thank you for letting us be part of this,” Chris Thompson, a parent of two younger Green School students. “I have seen these every year, and it is a highlight to see their work and transformation.”

The Green Stone is a senior capstone experience required of all students graduating from Green School. Personal passion projects are developed alongside year-long research, culminating in a 13-minute public presentation in the style of a TED talk.

By Melinda Chickering

Career & University Coordinator


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