Seventh Week of Term 1

Dear Parents,

Greetings and Happy World Bamboo Day! On Tuesday, Green School celebrated “World Bamboo Day”. Early Years and Primary had an amazing morning assembly with fantastic Bamboo Musicians and inspiring presentations from Primary School students. After that, the Early Years children gathered together in the Kindy classroom to enjoy a musical performance by Pak Rizal, Pak Reza and Pak Algimiro. They also introduced us to the unique instruments that they built with their own hands from bamboo. Pak Rizal has created an instrument which has three instruments in one: a guitar, a didgeridoo and percussion. Then Pak Algimiro showed us his cello that he made from bamboo too. It was great to see the Early Years’ friends dancing together and listening to the concert. The students also made their own bamboo paintings.

This week, we explored our new thematic lesson, “Outside of Our Nest”. Since we are the Starlings, which is a type of bird, we refer to our classroom as our nest. This week, the Starlings flew around the campus and visited so many places. We visited the Shanti House and the Science Lab. In the Shanti House, the students had a turn to use the photocopy machine to make prints of their hands which they used for an art project. In the Science Lab, we met Pak Olivier and he explained to us about scientific equipment, such as a microscope. The students also learned how to be a beginner scientist by twisting a rock and passing it to the other friends. The Starlings were wondering about beetles who didn’t move and Pak Olivier told us that the beetles died and he put acetone to make them soft.

Since we have been talking about nests, we wanted to make our own nests. Students gathered reeds, fallen leaves, sticks, flowers, stones, and other natural objects from outside to create nests. They also put a rock as an egg and painted it white.

In Cooking Class, we made Peanut Butter Cookies. The children mixed natural peanut butter, wheat flour, palm sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla together to make the dough. Ibu Komang baked them in our new oven and we all enjoyed having a cookie party.

The students enjoyed having games in P.W. Class with Pak Garrett.  We played “Hungry Hippo” in which we tried to get the food (bean bags) as much as we could. On Thursday, the students had rotating stations which focused on gross motor skills, such as jumping, hopping and crawling.

This week, the students learned about body parts, specifically the head and face, in Bahasa Class through games and art projects. Students made faces from nature using rocks, sticks, sand and leaves. Ibu Komang also taught us how to make our own play dough and made a face using that play dough, like eyes (mata), nose (hidung) and mouth (mulut).

In Yoga Class, the students enjoyed doing a lot of yoga poses, such as the sequence of Warrior poses (Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Warrior 3 and Reverse Warrior), Tree pose and Cobra pose.

In Green Studies, the students planted a lot of seeds, such as sunflower, cucumber, chili, coriander, and corn in the  Pre-K Garden. They had to dig with their fingers and put the seeds in compost. They also enjoyed watering the plants.


  1. Next Monday, Sept. 24 is our Full Moon Ceremony. Please pack traditional Balinese ceremonial clothes for your child, such as a sarong and a sash, if you have them.

  2. Next Friday, Sept. 28 : Parent Teacher Conferences. Please sign up with Ibu Rachael to schedule your conferences.

Thank you for your attention and have a great weekend!

Best Wishes,

The Starlings Team

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