Seventh Week of Term 2

Dear Parents, Even though it wasn’t great weather a couple of weeks, we still had a great time with Starlings darling doing many fun activities. During thematic lesson this week we learned everything from all over the world (Foods, Traditional Clothing, Landmarks, National Animals, Amazing Festival and Houses from all around the world).

The Starlings had a lovely Monday morning visited the Parrots and feed them during Nature Walk.

During Yoga Class, we practiced challenging yoga poses through the music. In Cooking Class, we made Fruits Satay and Lemonade. The students strengthened their fine motor skills by chopping watermelon, melon, papaya, grapes, dragon fruits, mango and lemon. After preparing the ingredients, each child speared them on the satay sticks. The students also made a lemonade by mixed ice, lemon, mint and honey.

The last day of this week, we had a wonderful day planted corn with Pak Brett in Kindy garden, we also visited our friends Bali Starling when we passed by. During Bahasa Indonesia Class, we learned so many kinds of animal through art project. One of them is Animal Folding, Students colored, cut and folded of Elephant, Bear and Tiger. The students also looked around the Campus for finding leaves to makes animal for the next week. When we were looking for our project, we were pleasantly surprised to find new piglets across to the cows.

Children creatively drew on the floor

“Up” Project

Next week, Pak Brett will take us to the Mud Pit on Thursday, Dec 7. Please pack an extra change of clothes and the clothes you don’t mind turning brown for getting in the mud pit (sometimes the mud doesn’t come out so easily). Have a wonderful three days of weekend. See you on Monday.

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