Seventh Week of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

Greetings! Our new thematic unit that we started this week is entitled, “Transformations” and it has a science-based focus. We introduced this theme by exploring the life cycle of a frog, a butterfly and a mosquito. We started our journey by experiencing part of the life cycle of frogs with our very own eyes. Luckily for us, we found tadpoles in the mud pit as well as in the small pond next to the Kindy A classroom. Next, we walked around our campus to see if we could find any mosquito larvae, in support of the school-wide program called “Mozzy Mondays”. Ibu Russlee also had a true story to share about a life cycle of a butterfly that she experienced in her house last week. She saw a caterpillar with black spikes in her bathroom which transformed into a cocoon and finally changed into a butterfly, ten days later. We also experimented with mixing two colours of paint together and making new colours.

The students also practised literacy and math proficiency lessons in a fun way. The students erased the lowercase letters on the whiteboards with cotton buds by following the lines of the letters. Erasing letters is an interesting way to strengthen fine motor skills as well as a different approach to preparing to write letters. We also practised counting dots on a paper and finding the materials (buttons, pompoms and beads) to glue them on top of the dots, which helps us with one-to-one correspondence and counting. The students made a caterpillar project in which they drew eleven circles or ovals in a row to represent the caterpillar’s head and body. Each child attempted to write a number inside of each of the circles or ovals from 1 – 10. An additional challenge was to fold the paper back and forth to create an accordion fold. Another activity for emergent writing skills involved drawing different lines and shapes, such as straight lines, zigzag lines, circles, triangles and squares.

In Cooking Class, we made samosas, which is a type of Indian food.  Ibu Komang boiled potatoes and peas and then the students crushed them and mixed them with garlic powder, pepper, celery and salt. After that, the students wrapped the filling with rice paper, into a triangular shape. Ibu Komang fried the samosas in coconut oil.

Wow! We had four Mystery Guests this week. On Wednesday afternoon, all of the Early Years (Geckos, Starlings and Kindy) joined together and met the Mystery Guest in Kindy B. He was Analisa’s and Nicky’s Daddy and he explained to us about the Chinese New Year as well as playing the didgeridoo. Our next Mystery Guest was our Starling’s friend “Amalya” who read a book entitled, “Oi Doggy”. Today, Pak Yacep (Putu’s Daddy) was coming to help us to begin making our Ogoh-Ogoh and he spent over five hours in our classroom constructing the frame of the sculpture for us. Luckily for us, he is a sculptor for his occupation and extremely skilled. We are looking forward to decorating and making our Ogoh-Ogoh for the parade on March 15. The other Mystery Guest is named “Butterscotch” and she is an amazing beat-boxer. She helped us to practise some different sounds and also performed for us. Butterscotch will be performing in the Assembly this afternoon as well as a longer performance in the Sangkep after the Assembly today. If you would like to be a Mystery Guest, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily book a session that is convenient for you.

These are some of the students’ activities that they did with their Specialists. On Thursday, we had Green Studies with Pak Brett and we planted sunflower sprouts inside of coconuts. We put a compost mixed with soil inside of the coconut and then we planted and watered it. In Yoga Class, we had a lot of exercises and one of them was partner yoga. We tried a variety of partner yoga poses and needed to change partners for each different pose so that we had a chance to work with different classmates. We enjoyed doing different stations in P.E Class today and worked together in small groups to attempt all of the various physical challenges. In Bambajam Class, the students had a turn to play the keyboard and Pak Duncan recorded the sounds of our music that we had been playing. We also played drums in Music Class with Pak Brett.

We are looking forward to our Student-Led Conferences on Friday, March 9. Just to clarify, this is not a regular school day for students. The students and families are invited to the classroom for a 50 minute time slot and the schedule confirmations have already been emailed to the families who responded. This is a chance for your child to guide you through some of the highlights of their learning and experiences at school this year. It is not a time for parent teacher conferences. We are so excited to see your child sharing their learning with you.

We will have a Full Moon Ceremony next Thursday, March 1.  Please pack traditional Balinese ceremony clothes for your child, such as a sarong and a sash, if you have them. Another date to mark on your calendar is Thursday, March 15, for our Ogoh-Ogoh celebration at Green School. Our mid-semester break will begin on Friday, March 16 and classes resume for students on Wednesday, April 4. Thank you for your attention and support.

With love,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna and Ibu Komang


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