Seventh Week of Term 4

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

Hello again! Even though we only had four days of school, we still had amazing week learning and playing with our buddies in Teman-Teman program and had a lot of fun in Drama class with Ibu Marvelina. We played “Duck Duck Animals”! Similar to duck duck goose, the Starlings sat in the circle and one student walked around the circle and tapping gently to their friend’s head while saying “Duck” each time until he/she decides to tap someone and choose any other animal. And then, they went around the circle and back to their spot by acting out that animal. They had acting to be Gorilla, Kitten, Tiger, Penguin, Crocodile and Monkey. They also enjoyed playing “Opposite Games”, needing good listening skills for Ibu Marvelina’s directions.  When she said ’Stop’ they stopped! when she said Go they moved around again. It was interesting to see them focus and quietly follow the directions!

On Wednesday, the Starlings and the Geckos friends had a playdate in Starling class. The Starlings  showed their classroom to their little friends a pairs and what interesting items are in the classroom. They brought them to the storage, to the toilet, showed them how to play in the kitchen area, in the building station, played with the costumes and drew on the floor with colorful chalk. The Starling were excited explaining to their buddies and the Geckos enthusiastically listened to them. The Geckos and The Starling teachers also collaborated with a performance of “Timun Mas” (Golden Cucumber). Timun Mas or Golden cucumber is an Indonesian folktale which is telling a story of a brave girl that tries to survive and escape from an evil green giant who tried to catch her.  The children were amazed watching the teachers’ show. We look forward to have another playdate with Kindy friends soon!

The Starlings warmed up their bodies on Tuesday Morning in Yoga class with the beautiful teacher Ibu Sarah. She asked the Starling if they like puppies, kitten, pizza or anything’ they needed to raise their whole body. The Starling also took turns to ask the questions one by one. They practiced Partner yoga poses of:-  Lizard on a rock, elevator pose, boat pose and back to back pose.

Ask your child to show you the different poses with these pictures?

The Starlings played in three different stations in P.W class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu :

  1. Playing football : The Starlings went zigzag with the ball

  2. Jumping and Hopping : They jumped with one leg in a ladder sport and hopped like kangaroo, froggy and bunny.

  3. Bean bag activities : The Starlings practiced throwing the bean bags into the shapes bag.

We made Apple chips during cooking class today. The Starlings helped to cut the green apples, sparkled with lemon, cinnamon and brown sugar with Ibu Komang helping to bake it. These yummy cinnamon apple chips disappeared almost as quickly as we made them!

The Starling visited the animals around the campus with Pak Brett during Green Studies class. They went to the Chicken coop, visited the bunnies and looked for the worm. They also had fun planting in the Early Years Garden.

Upcoming Week :

No school Weds 5th and Thurs 6th June

Assembly 2:30pm Friday 7th June

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