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Everyday Green School is committed to provide food and beverages that reflect the ethos of this school and the diversity of our community. Where products and ingredients are sourced local and organic wherever possible. To make a small step to a sustainable and shareable Green School…

We eat what we grow and currently 120kg of food produce per month is harvested from our gardens, being delivered to our kitchen and served back to the community on a beautiful bamboo basket with a banana leave. A great experience and privilege to eat from these beautiful green banana leaves everyday. Banana leaves to be composted and the food leftovers go straight to our Bali pigs. Unfortunately, now and then some items go missing, ends up in the compost pile or is delivered to our Bali pigs. For example, since January 155 bamboo baskets, 95 spoons, 85 forks and 138 drinking glasses have not been found and cannot be reused. That is why…please be mindful to separate your food scraps from your banana leaves and to return baskets, cutlery and cups to a F&B station for reusing purposes.

We are dedicated to promote healthy and safe food choices. Therefore, Green School has developed Standard Operating Procedures with a focus on the handling of food and beverages and hazardous analysis and critical control points (HACCP). The procedures are shared and discussed on a regular basis by our GS kitchen team together with daily vendors (Farm Stand, F.R.E.A.K. Coffee and Living Food Lab) and affiliated partners (Green Camp, Kul Kul Farm and Student Village).

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