Short but sweet

Last week was a short but sweet one with very fun activities, new specialist classes, I Respect team work, a Wednesday holiday, the string project and a full camp day!

After a very interesting visit to the String Project we discovered more about our diverse grade 3 community. Each of us answered various questions using the string and learned about general patterns observed in this GS live survey. You are all welcome to pass by when you visit school, ask for Daniel Ojeda´s guidance in the Project Hub near our beloved crystal and participate!

To continue with our Community circles and integrate knowledge, we will be finding more about our unique families and presenting them to others. Prepare yourselves to be interviewed by your children who are curious about the unknown and unspoken!

Our camp day was awesome: we built shelters, prepared natural dyes, made pizzas, played lots of games and reflected on our experience. By the end of the day there were many happy faces, new friends and dirty feet and hands. It was a perfect way to bond and feel excited about this year start together. Here are some beautiful pictures of our amazing GS day camp.  Enjoy!

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