Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita?

Perhaps you’ve seen people around campus wearing this statement on their t-shirts?  But do you know what it means?…  

“If Not Us Then Who?” ( is a campaign that strives to share the stories of indigenous peoples as they struggle to preserve their cultures and their environment.  Kul Kul Connection is very much aligned with the “Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita?” movement, so we thought it appropriate to use this message to support our t-shirt campaign.  

Our new t-shirts have just arrived in 3 great colours.  By buying one of them, you not only spread this message of empowerment every time you wear it, you also generate funds for Kul Kul Connection sufficient to put 1 student through 1 semester of our English and Sustainability Learning programme.  Come and get your t-shirt at the Green School shop, or better yet, buy it from one of our Kul Kul Connection students at the next farmers market.  

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