“Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita?” Shirt New Colors

A batch of new KKC shirts has come, and even better, beautiful new colors (dark blue, dark green, and light grey) are available! All the profit of the T-shirts selling goes to support the KKC Learning program, an English and Eco-literacy after-school program which provides language classes for the participants as well as involving them in enterprises and initiatives that promote sustainability in their villages and in Bali. The tag line “Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita?” is a call for action, it’s Indonesian words for “If Not Us Then Who?” and is a campaign that strives to share the stories of indigenous peoples as they struggle to protect their cultures and their forests. Kul Kul Connection and Green School are very much aligned with the mission of “If Not Us Then Who?” organization, so we use their message to support our T-shirt campaign which is all about empowering local youth to protect and preserve their environment.

By buying one of our unique T-shirts, you will provide one Kul Kul Connection student an opportunity to attend our afterschool program for one semester and also continue to spread the message of ‘If not us then who?’ in that we all have a responsibility to take action against environmental injustice. Go grab some at the Green Shop while supplies last!


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