Sinterklaas, Bali Fun World and Yoga Assembly

Dear Parents,

Another full week has come to an end for the Pre-K Starlings. In reflection, Monday seems like it happened a month ago as so much has happened since then! Ibu Linda visited us on Monday morning as our Mystery Guest. She taught us all about Sinterklaas who could be referred to as the Dutch Santa Claus. He rides on a boat from Spain to Holland on his birthday which was Monday, and delivers presents to children’s shoes by riding on a white horse. Ibu Linda and Madelief showed us how to sing a special song for Sinterklaas in the Dutch language as well as shared stories, puppets, drawings and books with us. It was such a magical and informative morning. Ibu Linda gave us special colouring sheets to prepare for Sinterklaas which we placed in our shoe and then while we were sleeping, we received surprises in our shoes. Thank you very much Ibu Linda for sharing your time and gifts along with your unique cultural traditions with us. We are very grateful!

Tuesday was our second field trip of the year…..BALI FUN WORLD! It was amazing and the students were overjoyed to run, climb, slide, jump, hang, bounce, ride, crawl…..every type of play that you can imagine. It’s a massive indoor playground in Sukawati, and we arrived early in the morning after cruising there on the Bio Bus. The children asked if we could stay there forever. There were trampolines, an assortment of slides, climbing structures, ball pits and a mechanical bull.

This week, we also continued our exploration of the current thematic unit, “Paintbrushes”. Inspired by Jackson Pollack, we tried our own version of splash painting. The laugher in the room was contagious as the children explored this messy and wild painting technique. We have already painted with our hands and fingers many times but can you imagine painting with your toes? Well, we tried it today and it was too much fun! Many thanks to Brooke for happily washing our floor after this project.

Ibu Kara visited us yesterday as our Mystery Guest. She was full of energy and excitement as she engaged all of the children with her magical story. Each child was given a card with a different part of a story and Ibu Kara skillfully weaved the stories together. Thank you Ibu Kara!

Today the Starlings rocked the stage with their heart-opening yoga showcase. We shared our “Namaste” song. Namaste means the light in me sees the light in you. This is how we begin and close our yoga classes each week. The students also displayed their flexibility, strength and love by flowing through a sun salutation dance. The audience was captivated by the performance and we are delighted that our Preschoolers can inspire others to try yoga.


Here is the link to the movie that Ibu Ria took of the “Sun Dance” today at the Assembly. Please let me know if you can’t open the link and I can email you the video if you are interested.

School will be closed next week on Monday, December 12 in observance of a national holiday. Thursday is the last day of Term 2, and there will be an Assembly at 1:30 pm. Students will be dismissed early at 2:00 pm and then the vacation begins. School will resume on January 9.

Thanks for all of your love and support this year. We are very grateful to have you as our Starling Darling Parents and for sharing your precious children with us. Enjoy your weekend.

Best wishes,

Starlings Team

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