Sixth Week of Term 1

Dear Parents,

Greetings! We would love to share some of the highlights of our week’s learning. This week, we concluded our first thematic lesson, “My Body and My Five Senses” by exploring the sense of “Taste”. The Starlings walked around campus to find fruits, vegetables and leaves that we can taste. Luckily, Pak Made, our Gardener friend, met us by the bridge and picked some fresh sugarcane for us to sample. He told us that cows like to eat sugarcane leaves so we went to visit the cows and feed them this special treat. From the gardens, the children also sampled tamarind and cocoa.

The Starlings love to do projects and look forward to expressing themselves creatively in a variety of ways each day. The children made watermelon bags with semi-circle shapes and bright paint. We also visited Kembali for recycled materials for our projects. The students made ladybugs by reusing broken CDs as well as helicopters from Yakuit bottles and straws. We created cars from recycled bottles and toilet paper rolls. The children also have access to a wide range of materials that they use to construct their own open-ended projects as well as letting the teachers know what they hope to make in the future.

In P.W. Class, the students played a tiger tagging game and also practised jumping jacks in the Gym with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu. We strengthened our gross motor skills specifically in regards to balls by bouncing and catching the balls. The Starlings also worked on throwing beanbags into a basket and being able to aim for a target, such as a hula hoop.

In Green Science with Pak Brett, the children learned about butterflies and went outside searching for types of butterflies. Then, we planted sunflower seeds near the Heart of School.

Next week, the Starlings will begin a new thematic unit entitled, “Outside of Our Nest”. Since we are the Starlings, which is a type of bird, we refer to our classroom as our nest. During these lessons, the children will have the opportunity to expand their sense of place and deeply connect to their current environment. We will discover many new places around Green School as well as places near our campus, such as Bamboo Village and KulKul Farm. The Starlings will also have the chance to meet many new people who comprise this vibrant community along with having special lessons from teachers who work in other neighbourhoods on campus, such as Pak Olivier in the Science Lab and Pak Alex in the Music Room. Stay tuned for our weekly updates of our adventures.

Our Specialist timetable will continue until the end of Term 1. Here is the schedule:

Monday -Library with Ibu Ayu

Tuesday – Cooking with Starlings’ Teachers and Yoga with Ibu Russlee

Wednesday – Physical Well-Being with Pak Garrett

Thursday – Physical Well-Being with Pak Garrett and Music with Pak Brett

Friday – Green Science with Pak Brett


Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday 28th September

More info to follow…..

Thank you for your support. We wish you a lovely weekend and hope to see you soon.

Kind regards,

The Starlings

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