Sixth Week of Term 1

Dear Parents,

Greetings. The Pre-K Starlings have been enjoying our new thematic lesson, “Outside of Our Nest”. Our nest is our cozy classroom and each day, we began our school day in our classroom and end the day here. In between, the children spend lots of time around our campus and visiting specialist lessons. During this thematic unit, we are going to venture to many new places, including classrooms from all different areas of the school as well as other special spots. This week, we were welcomed into the Drama Classroom for an imaginative lesson with Ibu Penelope. We practised being all different types of animals and we made characters by using our fingers as puppets. The Starlings visited some high school students in the Science Lab with Pak Dan to observe their experiments. We also had the chance to visit the Primary School’s Art Studio with Ibu Karen and Pak Kadek. We used paintbrushes, glue and a variety of legumes to make patterns on recycled cardboard. Thank you to everyone for welcoming us to your classes and we look forward to more adventures in the upcoming weeks.

Drama Class with Ibu Penelope

Science Lab with High School

Making new friends

Art Class with Ibu Karen

The Starlings had a lovely Monday morning making observational drawings on the bridge. Each child was given their own journal which they will fill with their own artwork throughout the school year.

Another adventure was our big trip to Bamboo Village this morning. Ibu Luisa, the wonderful Mama of Fefe, invited us to visit her bamboo palace which is located on the other side of the Ayung River, next to Green School. The Starlings were very excited to go on this adventure to Fefe’s house and we are very grateful for Ibu Luisa for hosting us. We were greeted with popcorn and watermelon slices which the children eagerly devoured after walking up and down many stairs and hills to reach our destination. Ibu Luisa prepared a treasure hunt and the students had to follow the clues to find the treasure hiding in the pizza oven (raw chocolate balls). One of the highlights of the visit was meeting three adorable kittens and taking turns to pet their soft fur.

Next Monday is World Bamboo Day. We are welcoming Pak Rizal, an amazing bamboo musician, to the Early Years for a morning concert. The Starlings have also been learning a song, “You Take a Stick of Bamboo” in celebration of this holiday. School will be closed on Thursday, Sept. 21, in observance of a national holiday.

Other dates to note:

Sept. 28 Field Trip to Bali Fun World

Sept. 29 Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for your attention and support. Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm wishes,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna and Ibu Komang


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