Sixth Week of Term 2

Dear Parents,

This week, the entire Green School celebrated “Dance Week”. Each day, the Starlings spent some time dancing to many different types of music. In our weekly Music Class led by Pak Brett, the children danced to live music from instruments as well as practised following the dance moves on the projector screen from “Just Dance”. In our Yoga Class, the students participated in “Ecstatic Dance” and moved their bodies freely around the Yoga Studio.

In Green Studies Class, we used scissors to harvest aubergines from the Kindy B garden along with long green beans. After we gathered a sufficient amount of vegetables, we walked to the Green School Kitchen to present our gifts to the chefs. They will cook the vegetables that we harvested as part of the Lunch. What a great example of the “farm to table” lifestyle.

Another activity that strengthened our fine motor skills was a scissors challenge. It also helped foster resilience as the children focused for an extended period of time and attempted to cut along the lines in five different ways: straight lines, curved lines, spiral, heart and zigzags. After cutting, the students used glue sticks to make their own creation and then painted over it with watercolours. To add some Science to this activity, we sprinkled salt on top of our projects to see what would happen when the water, watercolour paint and salt mixed together.

Our first field trip was a major success. The children had a blast at Bali Fun World. It is a large indoor play area and our Starlings never stopped moving. They ran all around for hours and hours. The children enjoyed the climbing wall, the tall slides, the maze, the trampolines, and much more. Half of the class fell asleep on the bus ride back to school and we arrived just in time for an incredible Assembly filled with a showcase from Dance Week and amazing marimba music.

In Cooking Class, the Starlings made a corn casserole. Each child was given corn on the cob and then challenged with the task of removing the kernels by hand. Ibu Komang helped us by using a knife to slice off the rest of the corn when our fingers got too tired. The children made a batter with coconut oil, soy milk, gluten-free flour, water and spices. We baked it in the oven and enjoyed the meal together. One student was so happy that it was sweet, even though we didn’t put any sugar in it.

School will be closed this Friday, December 1, in observance of a national holiday. Thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna and Ibu Komang

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