Sixth Week of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

Greetings! Love, Love and Love! This week was full of love. Even though we share our love every day, this week we celebrated “Love Day” which is also known as “Valentine’s Day” or “V-Day”. The children expressed their love by making a special card for their secret valentine from their class. They chose one of the names out of a jar, made beautiful drawings, tried to write their name as well as their secret friend’s name along with “x” for kiss and “o” for hugs. The next morning during Circle Time…… Surprise! Each child received a surprise card from one of their classmates. It was a beautiful moment to witness and to be a part of. Lots of hugs, smiles and kind words were exchanged.

The teachers also asked the children about the meaning of love, and the teachers helped them to write it on their love hearts that they created by cutting along the line on the folded paper. We are so pleased to see how the children could explain the meaning of love in their own unique way. Here are examples of some of those hearts:

This week we had two Mystery Guests come to visit us. On Tuesday, we had the “Mosquito Lady”, Ibu Trudy, and her team. We met her together with Kindy and Geckos in the Kindy A classroom. We had so much fun doing activities in multiple stations. First, Ibu Trudy explained all about mosquitoes through an informative and engaging powerpoint presentation. We learned about metamorphosis and where mosquitoes can live, how they grow, and what we need to do to protect ourselves from the mosquitoes. All the Early Years students were then divided into four groups and participated in a range of activities in each station, for instance, observing the larvae of mosquitoes with magnifying glasses, performing a  mosquito dance that acted out the life cycle of a mosquito, a mosquito life cycle art project, and “mosquito treasure hunt”. The team hid mosquito larvae in various places on our playground, such as in tires, coconuts and cups, and the children worked together to find all of the larvae. We learned so much about mosquitoes. Thank you Ibu Trudy and her wonderful team to spending time with us and helping us to be excited about science. They work at Green School each week to help eliminate mosquito breeding areas on campus and to keep us safe.

The second mystery guest was Pak Brett’s friend “Pak Romin” who played the djembe during Music Class.

We made a schedule with our Teman-Teman from Grade 5B so that each week we alternate classrooms, back and forth. This week was our chance to visit them and to prepare the activity. They helped us to make Chinese lanterns to decorate our classroom for celebrating Chinese New Year. The older students and the younger students worked together to draw multiple straight lines on the paper and then cut along the lines. They were decorated with shiny paper and drawings.

In Cooking Class, we made two special valentine’s food, “Chocolate Balls” and “Chocolate Covered Fruits”. The children put a strawberry and a grape on a stick and then they dipped them in chocolate. Ibu Russlee gave us the recipe to made a vegan chocolate, so we made the chocolate by ourselves.We got the second recipe from Ibu Kinga that she shared with us to make “Chocolate balls”. The children loved both of them and wanted to eat more, of course!

Happy Chinese New Year! School will be closed tomorrow, Friday February 16, in observance of this national holiday. Our Early Years Potluck Breakfast party this morning was lots of fun. We love to play with all of our friends and families together and share a delicious meal.

Other upcoming dates to put in your calendars:

Thursday, March 1, is our full moon ceremony.

Friday, March 9, is Student Led Conferences. We are excited for the children to have the chance to show you how much they have been learning at school. Just a reminder that is not a parent teacher conference, which is what had in September. This will not be a time for parents and teachers to meet, but a lovely time for your own child to share their learning with you.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you!

Best wishes Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna and Ibu Komang


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