Skillshare with iHUB: Pak Adiarta and Sekolah Anak Tangguh

On Friday, 19 January 2018 it was an honor for the Community Innovation Hub to host Pak Adiarta, who is currently in charge of Sekolah Anak Tangguh, located in Gianyar. This opportunity shared the experience of the students, the struggles of running a school without income, and how the arts have enable the school to flourish. Sekolah Anak Tangguh was initiated to improve the ability of students as a holistic approach, and the ethos of the school comes from its motto, “Strong Children Strong Nation.”

Sekolah Anak Tangguh gives an opportunity for students to explore nature and learn how to become a sustainable person. Only meeting one day a week on Sundays, about 40 students gather to investigate a new environment. Each time the school gathers in a new location, whether at the beach, in the rice field or the village, it is considered a place where the students can learn, under the vision of “every place is a school, every person is a teacher, and every book is a knowledge”.This vision was designed for all students to learn how to be leaders and build self-confidence.

It was truly a great presentation that Pak Adiarta was able to share with us, and the ihub was happy to be the host of this event. It was great to learn about the background of Sekolah Anak Tangguh that also has a focus on sustainability in Bali.

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