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Dear G3 Parents,

We are soooo proud of your kids, it has been amazing to see them prepare for the past weeks with such dedication for their SLC. They were motivated, engaged and empowered with the process and your visit. As teachers, it is great retribution when they demonstrate enthusiasm, understanding, and awareness for their work and progress, regardless of the outcome. Thank you once more for attending your appointment with your kids and letting yourselves delight with their games, explanations, and presentations.

These are some pictures of the past weeks’ activities.

Teman Teman: Sensory awareness workshop Grade 3 Putih with Grade 4 Merah.

Collaboration taking place, both during rainy days (helping hand in action!) and team building activities.

During Thematics we worked hard creating our Gaia Timeline Stop Motion Video. Thank you Pak Adrian for all your help!

Developing our writing skills both in Literacy and Bahasa Indonesia.

Creating happily our Bahasa Family books, what a great way of learning a new language!

Writing persuasive letters and biographies about Gaia.

Starting our community meetings in Putih! One of the most successful and empowering moments of the year. The kids are becoming more aware by noticing and writing issues to solve, participating in important decision making and finding solutions. More importantly, they are learning to run their own meetings effectively!

Last week preparation for SLC, a powerful exercise to remember our GS skills and check-in our progress and learnings during the semester. They loved preparing their portfolios, deciding which work to show you and games to play, and especially how to challenge you!

To relax and prepare for our SLC we had a great Yoga class by a Yoga teacher training group visiting the school. They had so much fun! Their feedback about our kids was amazing, they praised their behavior, maturity, and motivation.

Last but not least, our marvelous SLC, one of the most exciting and important days of the year.  Thank you, parents, for all you do!

We have one more week to go before our break. Have a great one!

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