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It is through listening to an individual’s story that we are offered a reflection of ourselves. That which lays dormant within or that which has not yet arrived helps us, as developing beings, to form a part of our future self and capacities.

This is an invitation for you to reach out to us, so that you may share in the journey of the young people in grade 5 as they continue to become the best possible version of themselves.

Your story; as grand, as humble, as energetic, as calm, as a performance piece, as an activity, as whatever is truly you is what we seek. Purely you is a must!

Get in contact with us and we will create time for your stories to be shared, celebrated and honoured.

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FRIENDLY FRIDAY, of course reflects how we approach everyday, in every interaction we have with each other in grade 5 and those we meet.

This week we welcomed Ibu Sharon, a valuable member of our Primary Support Team, into our grade 5 rooms to share some Positive Psychology based insights as to how we can identify our strengths and tap into these during times that we may struggle.

Here are some links for you to explore, to reflect on with your child and even to ask yourself, “What are my top 5 strengths?”

Your strength icons

Strength descriptions

We continue our teman-teman (friends) time with grade 3 every Tuesday morning before assembly. This week our grade 3 Indonesian teachers did a wonderful job in preparing a construction activity for our students that challenged them to develop ways in which they can effectively collaborate and communicate together. The end results saw an incredible variety of geometric forms constructed and appreciated by all.

We have been making full use of the best school campus in the world that we are so fortunate to call our school, Green School! Yes, our rooms are beautiful and inspire creativity, just as the land that surrounds us does too.

We venture out of the classroom to find a different space, a different feeling that will guide us to consolidate our learning and ideas. To allow time to experience, to process and discover new ways to communicate our individual and group perspectives.

How comfortable we can all get when we arrive ‘home’, wherever that may be. How activated and inspired we can become when we step out and find a new way to appreciate the ‘everyday’ that waits for us.

Imaginary tour of their room forms part of a mapping exercise

Our initial theme of, “We Are One” remains strong as we provide many opportunities for the grade 5 group to mix between classes and develop a better understanding of each other with experiences that challenge the students to seek the strengths that each individual holds.

Each Friday afternoon we have included a time named, ‘Service’. Our vision and impulse for this is to provide experiences for the grade 5 young people to serve the community that serves them. The students discussed the various realms and people within that help care for our school and in turn we set off throughout the school every Friday afternoon to use our helping hands and hearts as a way of expressing gratitude and appreciation. We are reminded of the ripple that flows forth when a simple gesture of help is offered when one least expects it.

Quiet spaces as productive spaces

Collective peace @the Peace Garden

Service Time

Please remember our swim program is on Monday mornings – swim gear, towel, change of clothes and goggles please.

Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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