We had another wonderful week together as we savour these last few weeks of school. Pak Ron came to visit Early Years on Tuesday and it was absolutely one of the highlights of the year. He brought two snakes with him and children were able to have a turn holding the reticulated python named Diva. They enjoyed sharing stories about their snake encounters with Pak Ron and he told some of his stories as well.

Here is Pak Ron’s contact information. He is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help with snake identification as well as with snake rescues.

Ron Lilley See “Ron Lilleys Bali Snake Patrol” page on Facebook! Email: Mobile H/P(Indonesia) and WhatsApp (+62) 0813 3849 6700

Another memorable moment was the Starlings performance in the fantastic Music Assembly this afternoon. One of the parents told me after Assembly that it was the best Assembly she has ever seen at Green School! There were countless performances that showcased our students’ talent and creativity through song, dance and musical instruments. Under Pak Brett’s leadership, the Pre-K Starlings performed “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie “Moana” along with an original song composed by our former Music teacher, Ibu Sarita. Our Kindy friends joined us for the second song, “If I Was a Tree”. It was a lot of fun, especially for the lucky children who happened to be standing in front of the microphones! Thank you Pak Brett for a year of wonderful Music lessons along with Green Studies Class.

In our weekly Cooking Class, we made an Indonesian delicacy, mie goreng, which is also known as fried noodles. With Ibu Komang as our master chef, she sauteed all of the ingredients that the Starlings had chopped, including carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and tempe. Some students had three plates because they loved it so much!

In Yoga Class, the children practised to be a double tree with a friend as well as other partner yoga poses.

We were blessed to have two Mystery Guests this week. On Wednesday morning, Ibu Magda, came to visit us and shared stories from her home country of Poland. She also donated an amazing book to our classroom library. Thank you Ibu Magda!

Today Pak Matt came back for his second visit of the year and shared some stories along with recorded sounds and photos of animals from the jungle in Sumatra. Many thanks Pak Matt!

This Monday is our final field trip of the year and we are going to groom and ride horses at Royal Sporthouse Bali in Perenenan. We will take the BioBus and spend all morning there. They have kindly offered to provide a snack for our students so there is no need to pack a snack. However, please pack a lunch as we will eat lunch there before returning to campus. Please also pack a change of clothes and a water bottle.

The Kindy Graduation is on Friday, June 9 . The Starlings and Geckos will wear Balinese ceremony clothes. Our Early Years Potluck Breakfast has been changed to tea time and the date has also changed. It will be on Friday, June 9 at 1:45 pm, before the Assembly. The last day of school is Thursday, June 15!

Thanks again for an amazing year and enjoy your weekend.

Best wishes,

Starlings Team


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