Some changes to the GSPA meeting format

Dear parents,

A good day. We have received your feedback concerning the current GSPA meeting format, and we hear you! The goal of the meetings has always been to create a space for the parent community to have their voices heard, address community concerns, and provide a way for parents to come together collectively to propose solutions when something isn’t working. As we’ve experienced, it can at times be tricky to create a flow that is manageable, covers all the agenda topics, and enables the parent voices to be heard in a productive, consistent manner. We welcome your input and suggestions and appreciate you being part of this process, as we move towards a new and improved format.

For the next GSPA meeting (Friday the 4th of October) we are thinking of changing a few things around. Here is a look at the new format we will be putting to the test.

As it has been done in the past, the agenda will be built around the issues and concerns that are being brought forward by the parent community ahead of the meeting (via the GSPA email). This will not change. What we are planning to change is the way the ‘Open Mic’ is set up. For next week, we would like to split it into two parts, one being a simple ‘Q&A’ and the other being a possibility to ‘Air and Share’.

The Q&A

The Q&A is dedicated to straightforward, specific questions. These can be directed to the present members of the management team and learning neighbourhoods. They are not specific agenda items. If questions are left unanswered, they will be added to the agenda for follow up at the next meeting. Time allowed for the asking and answering of questions will be keenly monitored to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak up.

‘Air and Share’

The ‘Air and Share’ part of the meeting will be dedicated to broader topics. These may include concerns that are not directed to anyone specific, but something that you feel you’d like to raise awareness about to the parent community. During this part of the meeting, each person will have time to share her or his thoughts, with a bell gently indicating the end of the time. The GSPA moderator reserves the right to moderate comments that are not following the iRESPECT values.

Submitting items

Topics for the ‘Air and Share’ can be brought up to the table until one day before the meeting via Please note a few of the criteria that we feel need to be met for your submission to be included as part of the agenda:

  1. I am being kind and respectful.

  2. My issue does not relate specifically to my child (if yes, please raise with your child’s teacher).

  3. I think my issue is of broad parent interest.

  4. I’m being constructive and I have a proposed solution.

  5. My issue has not been brought forward to the School in the recent past and therefore not already answered.

  6. I am prepared to speak about the issue and/or provide specific points to support a discussion on the issue.

  7. I understand that it is the role of the GSPA team to assess issues brought forward and make decisions on the GSPA meeting agenda priorities.

We are planning to move the ‘Q&A’ and ‘Air and Share’ to the middle of the meeting, but it may take us a few iterations to fine-tune a new meeting format. Any feedback is of course welcome.

So, if you have any concerns, questions or items you would like to add to the agenda for the next meeting, don’t hesitate to send us an email: And if you just want to send us an email to say ‘hi’: silakan 😉

On behalf on the whole GSPA team I thank you and send you warm greetings, Guy

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