Some interesting reads for Week 5

Dear MS Parents -

We hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Welcome to Week 5!

I'd like to thank the parents who sent me some links that you may enjoy reading. I post them below.

1. Common Sense Media: Ways to Support Your Child during this time.

Common Sense media has a wealth of information to help students and families, and now, more than ever, they are a great resource to use.

2. Opinion: It's time to accept that the point of school has changed The point of school right now is to develop a new normal, says journalist and parent Lisa Selin Davis. She explores what parents, teachers, administrators and kids owe to each other right now. Read in CNN:

This article supports how we have prioritized using our video sessions with students - they are not content delivery sessions, but rather time to connect, to ask questions, and to clarify the work. Best practice says that these sessions need to be relationship focussed. The teachers have 'feedback live sessions' in the schedule where students can ask for extra help on content.

Please remember to complete the survey if you haven't already done so.

Please come to Coffee Talks tomorrow at 9.30am or 3.30pm Bali time to clarify anything you need clarifying or to simply connect with other parents.

With gratitude, Nicola.

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