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Specialist Takeover Week

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Specialist Takeover Week! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. I had a wonderful time in Amed with my family. We continue to adapt and demonstrate our flexibility as we embark on this four day week of new learning opportunities with our Specialist teams. There is a completely new Zoom Schedule just for this week with 3 offerings a day for our students. In addition, the World Zooms will continue as usual. You can find the weekly activity menu along with the new Specialist menus on the website as well as all of the archived lessons. Next week we will return to our regular Distance Learning schedule that we are used to with all of the usual links and passwords. Here are the schedules one more time in case you missed the emails, Pre-K in one group and Kindy in the other one. Hoping we do not encounter too many technical difficulties! Thank you!

Gecko_Starlings Specialist Take Over Wee
Download • 104KB

Kindy- Specialist Take Over Week 2-5th J
Download • 105KB

With love,

Russlee and the Early Years Team

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